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Break the limits of your child’s education 

With over 250K games made by teachers worldwide
Comprehensive curriculum for ages 2-8

Nursery Ages 2-3 

Counting 1-3, matching & sorting, awareness & distinction of sounds, rhythm & rhyme, self-awareness, life science - animals, art with lines, shapes & colors.

Preschool Ages 3-4 

Counting numbers 1-5, colors & shapes, size measurement, letter sounds and alliteration, self-management, Life Science - nature, paint by number.

Pre K Ages 4-5 

Counting 1-10, 1:1 ratio, less than & greater than, linking sounds and letters, social awareness, animal classes, color mixing & nursery rhymes.

Kindergarten Ages 5-6 

Counting 1-20, shapes sides and vertices, addition & subtraction, sounds: initial, medial, & end, physical Science, primary emotions, music classes.

1st Grade Ages 6-7 

Counting beyond 20, place value, geometry,  phonics & decoding, responsible decision making, earth science, instrument classes & rhythm.

2nd Grade Ages 7-8 

Addition and subtraction up to 100, money, telling time, root words, prefixes, and suffixes, relationship skills, physical science, art puzzles & music notes.


A Step-by-Step Learning Plan

Play TinyTap’s curated curriculum
for ages 2-8 that covers everything
they need to know.


Stretch your child’s creative muscles

with 100s of drawing worksheets.

Writing & Drawing

Practice Writing & Drawing gril_2x.png
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Play across all devices

On your iPhone, iPad, Android, 
or desktop, play on up to 5 

at the same time.

Track Progress with 
the Parent’s Dashboard

Get insights about your child’s development and how they compare to their age group.

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and play offline

No more travel chaos! 
Play in the car, on a plane, or out in space.


Join millions of families worldwide

Over 15,000 five-Star Ratings

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Chosen by thousands of 
teachers worldwide

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