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Turn Any Topic Into a Game

Discover new ways to learn with TinyTap AI

games generated from your interests

Turn Any Topic 
Into a Game

Discover new ways to learn with TinyTap AI games generated from your interests

TinyTap unveils its first AI tool,
making it easy for anyone to create
an interactive learning experience.


Topic-based games are generated in minutes with a simple tap, rich with various activities that convey knowledge and include practice exercises.

Engaging Content for Better Learning

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Young learners can better understand any topic by receiving positive and constructive feedback from our AI-powered games, making concepts clear and approachable.

Built on a Decade of Teaching Data

TinyTap AI draws on more than 10 years of TinyTap library data based on a learning architecture of over 250,000 games, millions of activities, and more than 170 million plays.

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Building the Future of Education

TinyTap redefines the way teachers and parents bring education to life for children. Integrating AI into TinyTap allows learning to become a personalized adventure, sparking curiosity and igniting young minds. Alongside Open Campus, TinyTap will continue to benefit teachers and learners while bringing education closer to a decentralized future. 

TinyTap plans for further AI integration to change the world of education

Thanks. There is more to come from TinyTap AI

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Who is TinyTap? 

TinyTap, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is the world’s leading creation platform for interactive lessons and hosts a vast library of teacher-made educational games. It is among the top 10 grossing kids apps worldwide, delivering interactive learning content to families around the globe.

TinyTap is an anchor launch partner of Open Campus, utilizing new blockchain methodology to bring equity to educators worldwide.

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