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Every $EDU Spent, Supports Educators Worldwide

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When you use $EDU for your TinyTap subscription, you help millions of children access learning resources.


Teachers are undervalued and underpaid. We are advancing how the world thinks about educational compensation by directly rewarding educational content creators.

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We’re on a Mission
to Fix Education

In early 2023, TinyTap and other industry leaders launched
the Open Campus protocol, an initiative with the clear goal of ensuring the future of education is accessible to all.
Our purpose is to bring education to those who need it most and reward educators fairly.

$EDU tokens establish an interoperable way to access learning resources and benefit teachers, educators, and supporters from the community who help share access to learning materials globally.

Changing Lives from Student to Teacher on TinyTap

When you subscribe to TinyTap with $EDU, every time your child plays games or courses, you directly support the creators of educational content.

TinyTap hosts a library of over 250,000 games and courses created by educators and brands such as Sesame Street, Pinkfong Baby Shark, and more, ensuring your child can learn alongside their favorite characters.

Start playing and save 50% when subscribing with $EDU


Creators and Brands

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You and $EDU

Getting started with $EDU from Open Campus is easy.

We partnered with Binance to release $EDU, bringing together over 120,000 unique contributors to facilitate the launch.

To find out more about how to get $EDU from Binance click the button below and follow the steps provided by Binance.



Access to educational resources and ed-tech programs from around the world.

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Fueling fair compensation to educational content creators and providing learning opportunities worldwide.

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