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TinyTap is coming to ISTE in Denver, June 23-26th ️        Join our 1hr session to Sell Your Lessons to Millions of Families
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Break the limits of your child’s education 

With over 250K games made by teachers worldwide
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TinyTap unveils AI Tool and Roadmap 
for future AI integration in Education

Read the roadmap announcement or learn more about TinyTap’s first AI tool.

TinyTap AI
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Educators, teach with interactive games for free. Can’t find the topic you want? Create it and start earning!

Transform your knowledge into learning games, without any coding needed! It is as easy as making a presentation. Generate earnings from families who play your games on TinyTap. Or you can sell your courses directly via Tiny Courses.

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Building an open education system on blockchain

We are taking TinyTap to the next level by integrating it with blockchain and tokenizing the learning process:
Supporters will be able to endorse the subjects they care about, educators will own their content and students will gain a life-long record of their learning achievements.

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Where we’re headed


Supporters can endorse curriculum subjects by buying ownership in subject domains and enjoy revenue generated from content hosted on their domain.


Content creators own their content by minting it as an NFT which they can host or sell on a subject domain, allowing them to earn revenue directly without needing TinyTap as an intermediate.


From childhood to college, students learning with TinyTap will be able to store their certificates on blockchain and earn access passes to additional content.

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Where we are now

Breaking borders in education

For the past ten years, our mission has been to decentralize education by connecting teachers and families worldwide, to enable them to fulfill their learning needs independently of governments and businesses.






Interactive Games/Lessons


Registered Family


90 Min

Student’s Learning Time (Weekly Avg.)

30 Games

Played by a Student
(Weekly Avg.)


The world’s largest library of games
made by educators

Over 250K activities and courses created by teachers,

therapists and educational experts worldwide

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Parents, turn screen time
into an active learning experience

Play anywhere, even offline

Stay informed with weekly progress reports

Boost results with recommendations

Enjoy ad-free and state-aligned content

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Chosen by thousands of schools worldwide

As years go by and many apps are discovered,
TinyTap remains our favorite app for creating games with

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Rubén Molinero @Hablandoennubes

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All images were shared by educators on their social media


“TinyTap has rewarded me both emotionally and financially. I am doing what I love to do, and ontop of that I am making an income.”



“The content I’ve created reaches thousands of children and allows a pleasant, diverse learning environment.”



“I love how you can create individualized games for your students, regardless of age or ability level”

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Join us in shaping the future of education

Are you passionate about education technology or blockchain? Help us transform education, by making it more accessible and by helping teachers become better valued.

Ping us at

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